As hearing loss and hearing problems can creep up gradually over a few years, it can be very difficult for the person dealing with it to discern whether they actually have a problem. The main way those who have hearing issues tend to realize that they have them is due to the people around them imploring them to get tested. 

Having an issue with your hearing can take its toll on you, your quality of life, and the people around you – especially if it is not dealt with as quickly as possible. Although you will not be able to reverse hearing loss if it is permanent, there are things you can do to make it more bearable and improve your quality of life, as well as your communication and relationships with others. 

Below, you’ll find a handful of ways you may be able to recognize hearing problems

People often tell you to stop shouting

If you find that people often tell you to stop shouting when you feel you are speaking at a regular volume, you may have hearing problems. Once you have identified your hearing problem, if you are then advised to wear a hearing aid, you will be able to get used to the normal volume of speaking to another person by listening to yourself read aloud. 

You have come to somewhat rely on lip reading

If your hearing loss is more severe, you may have to somewhat rely on lip reading to understand others. Speech seems muffled, and you may struggle to follow conversations with more than two people. Maybe you’re convinced that people are mumbling or slurring their words but they are convinced they are not. In instances such as this, it’s better to have your hearing tested by an audiologist. 

You struggle to hear in locations with background noise

Maybe you’re ok hearing one on one at home, but you struggle to follow conversations where there is background noise, such as in restaurants or at the mall. 

You experience a ringing or buzzing in your ears

Tinnitus can be temporary or permanent depending on what has caused it. It can be caused by exposing yourself to loud noises without protection, like concerts and machinery. Having tinnitus can be distracting, and sometimes, painful. It is an indication of some kind of hearing damage.

You have to have the TV or radio device at a much louder volume than you used to

You might not think that your TV, radio or other devices are that loud, but maybe people comment on how loud they are. This is a sign that you are experiencing hearing problems without being fully aware of them. 

You have trouble understanding women and children

Women and children tend to speak with a different pitch or tone, and this can make them harder to understand than men in some cases. 

You have difficulty understanding speech over the phone

Perhaps you have difficulty speaking over the phone as you find you cannot understand the muffled sounds. You may find that you don’t like to answer the phone at all, or ask somebody else to listen to your messages for you. 

You are feeling annoyed, stressed and embarrassed regularly

When you have hearing problems, you may find yourself frequently annoyed that you can’t understand those around you. You may be stressed that you feel you can’t follow along, and even embarrassed when meeting new people as you misunderstand what they are saying. 

Hearing problems can take an emotional toll, especially if not dealt with early on. If you’re feeling frustrated more often than not, then having your hearing tested will help you get to the bottom of what is going on so you can find a solution. 

You should find that with the right audiologist and solution, you can gain back your confidence and improve your quality of life, whatever the situation. Having your hearing assessed sooner rather than later will ensure you can protect what hearing you have left and immediately begin enjoying a higher quality of life. 

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