Live Speech Mapping

Advances in technology have allowed Audiologists to provide more precise and effective hearing aid fittings. Previous hearing device programming consisted of programming the hearing devices to a “best fit” setting developed by the manufacturer and fine-tuned according to feedback from the user. While these settings worked for the majority of patients, others still struggled in challenging listening settings.

What is live speech mapping?

Live Speechmapping is a new tool used to verify appropriate hearing aid benefit. Rather than relying solely on feedback from the user, speechmapping performs measurements of the sound received at the ear drum, considering the unique size and shape of each individual ear canal and acoustics of the hearing aid fitting.

When speechmapping is performed a small microphone is placed in the ear canal, very close to the eardrum and a measurement is taken with the hearing device out.  A second measurement is then taken with the hearing device in place. Your Audiologist adjusts the programming of the hearing devices to ensure the settings are meeting the targets specific to your hearing loss.  This confirms the hearing aids are amplifying all frequencies appropriately and giving you access to all speech information.

Benefits of live speech mapping

Live speechmapping is a much more accurate approach to fitting hearing devices.  While small fine-tuning changes may be made to accommodate your preferences, speechmapping results are typically correct the first time.  Some of the many benefits of speechmapping include:

  1. Accurate programming of hearing devices
  2. Reduced follow up visits
  3. Increased confidence and comfort with your hearing devices
  4. Provides immediate and visible results that can be explained by the audiologist and heard by the user
  5. Proven to improve outcomes with successful hearing aid fittings