Hearing aids can be an effective device that can last anywhere between three and seven years. This will often depend on the quality and type of device but also how well the user looks after the device or devices themselves. When a hearing aid stops working or becomes less reliable than it used to be, it might be time to get yourself a new one or at least have them repaired.

Here are some of the signs that you need your hearing aids replacing:

How long does the average hearing aid last?

As mentioned above, three to seven years is the average that hearing aids will last you. There are, of course, many things that factor into this but when it comes to your own responsibility, keeping your hearing aids clean and managing wear and tear are all ways to help ensure your devices last for as long as possible. However, there are also other factors that might warrant you changing your hearing aids sooner than planned or expected.

Your hearing has changed

One thing that happens to all of us, is that we get older. As we get older, our bodies start to deteriorate no matter how well we look after ourselves. It’s a natural thing that happens and as a result, our hearing is one element that starts to decline. 

Age-related hearing loss will affect us all to some degree and because of that, this might be a reason for a change in hearing aid devices. Your hearing aids should be performing at the best of their ability but even if that’s the case, it won’t be effective if your hearing has actually gotten worse.

If your hearing loss has worsened, then it’s worth speaking to an audiologist to consider what updates can be made to the existing device or they may recommend a brand new one. You’ll need a hearing aid that can keep up with your needs when it comes to hearing. It’s frustrating if this happens, especially as you might not have had the device for the full seven-year average but it’s something that is necessary.

It’s time to upgrade on technology

It’s incredible to see such an advancement in technology but also in the engineering of hearing aid devices. What we had several years ago has changed dramatically to what we now have available for our hearing. There are features that are available on some devices and some features won’t be available on older models. 

It’s like when you get a new phone, you realize just how much was missing in your old phone. If you’ve managed to keep hold of your hearing devices for seven years, then you’ll probably see a big difference between those and your new ones.

A lot of the technology and advancements in hearing aids have become smarter than ever, helping your brain separate conversations from background noises. They can help to adjust to the surroundings and with Bluetooth connectivity in a lot of them, you’ve got the ability to control them from your phone as well as your audiologist is able to do it remotely too.

Talking of connectivity via Bluetooth, this expands to many of the electronic devices you have in your home too. Like your TV or audio equipment. With so many different sizes, options and features, there’s more to choose from and your existing hearing aids might be a little outdated. It pays to update your hearing aids when it comes to technology, that’s for sure.

Lifestyle changes

We all go through a change of lifestyle every now and then. It might be a living situation, a change in career or perhaps a change in family life that can add further demands onto your existing hearing aids. For example, you might have changed from a quiet job to one that has a noisy environments and the current hearing aids might not be able to do a lot in separating sounds or adapting to the new sounds.

It’s important that you’re still able to hear everything around you and without difficulty.

Update Your Hearing Aids Today

It’s important that while you want your hearing aids to last for a long time, it’s important not to let them compromise the quality and performance of your hearing. If you’re interested in hearing aids and want to update yours, then make sure you give Quality Hearing & Audiology Center a call at 816-233-0022. We will be able to offer all the advice and support in upgrading your existing hearing aid devices.