If you’re experiencing hearing changes and hearing loss, then you may have already considered using a hearing aid to improve your quality of life and the way you communicate with others. Perhaps you’re wondering what the best hearing aid is for first timer users, and whether it’s a good idea to try it for yourself. 

While there are certainly many tips out there that first-time hearing aid users can utilize to make their experience with the hearing aid go far more smoothly, there’s no one hearing aid that is right for first timer users. There are a multitude of hearing aids, and it would be impossible to say which one would be right for you without first assessing you and going through your medical history. The hearing aid you decide to use for the first time can depend on the following factors:

  • The cause of your hearing loss
  • The severity of your hearing loss
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your budget
  • Your preferred aesthetic 

You may feel that your hearing loss is not too far along if this is the first time you have been diagnosed with it, but hearing loss can happen gradually over a few years. This makes it difficult to spot and can often mean that it is more severe than you originally thought. This means that there is no one size fits all beginner hearing aid that may be suitable for your needs. 

An experienced audiologist will be able to test you and go through a series of hearing aid options so that you find the right one to suit your lifestyle and needs, no matter how far along you are. Below, you’ll find some advice for first time hearing aid users so that you can make the most of your first hearing aid.

Give yourself time to get accustomed to it.

Wearing a hearing aid for the first time can feel like a pretty big lifestyle change, so you need to give yourself time to get accustomed to it. You can’t expect to be able to interpret and understand every sound straight away, so go easy on yourself. It can take days or even weeks for a hearing aid to become comfortable. There may be a few noises that seem very loud to you at first but this may be because you have not heard them properly in a long time. 

Start small

You should always take an audiologist's advice, but in general, it’s a good idea to start wearing your hearing aid for just a few hours at a time. If you start feeling overwhelmed, you can remove your hearing aid, but you should aim to wear it for a little bit longer than the day before each day. Eventually, you should be wearing your hearing aid for most of the day. If you wear it too infrequently, then you won’t be getting the most out of the technology. 

You should also take your time at first by focusing on using them at home, and in one on one situations. Don’t immediately rush out to loud restaurants to see how they work for you, as you can quickly become overwhelmed. 

Try reading aloud

Losing your hearing often means you start shouting when speaking to other people. Reading aloud to yourself can help you to get used to normal speaking volume again. You’ll also come to recognize the sounds for certain words again. When possible, it’s always a good idea to combine reading with things like watching TV, as it’ll help you to associate the words with the sounds again. 

Keep a hearing journal

It can be a good idea to document anything you are facing so you can discuss this later with your audiologist. Maybe you still struggle to hear conversations when you’re in a place with background noise. Writing it down while it’s fresh in your mind can be way more effective than trying to remember everything at your next appointment. 

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