Hearing loss is something that we tend to associate with older people. However, hearing loss can occur at any age. Many children can develop hearing loss, which can go undiagnosed for a long time. This can lead to many different problems such as slow development of speech, difficulty concentrating in class, difficulty making friends and a constant frustration that can lead to mental health problems.

A hearing test could allow an audiologist to identify whether there is a problem with your child’s hearing. A hearing aid could then be prescribed, which could allow your child to hear sounds at a normal level. This in turn could prevent any problems in your child’s development and could help them to be happier.

Pretty much every child can benefit from taking a hearing test just to be sure that their hearing is at a healthy level. You should particularly consider booking a hearing test if you notice certain signs that could suggest hearing loss. Below are just a few different warning signs to look out for that could suggest that your child needs a hearing test.

They Often Don’t Respond to Calls and Noises Unless Very Loud

Children with hearing loss may seem unaware of noises around them. With toddlers, it can be hard to pick up on this – many young kids can behave unresponsively due to being engrossed in their play. However, as kids get older, you should be able to tell when a child is ignoring you or simply not hearing you. If you constantly have to shout to get their attention and they don’t seem to notice things like doorbells or phones ringing, it could be a sign that they may have hearing loss.

They Struggle to Identify Where Sounds Are Coming from

Kids with hearing loss may be able to hear sounds but may struggle to work out where they are coming from. Babies and toddlers usually learn to associate certain voices with certain people – a child with hearing loss may know that someone is speaking but may constantly look at the wrong person. You may also notice that they go into the wrong room to follow a sound or that they cannot not work out which toy is producing a noise. They may even ask “what is that?” to sounds that are easily identifiable.

They Are Developing Communications Skills at a Slow Pace

Kids with hearing loss often struggle to pick up speech as fast as other kids. They may constantly mishear things and mispronounce them and may even prefer to speak nonsense as a toddler. In school, kids may have trouble concentrating on teachers speaking or may shy away from activities that involve speaking or listening due to not being able to keep up. If you’ve noticed any of these issues, a hearing test could be worth scheduling.

They Complain About Not Being Able to Hear the TV

Does your child constantly want you to turn the sound up on the TV, even though it is already quite loud? Do they similarly like to listen to music loudly or have games at a loud volume? This could be another sign that their hearing may be reduced. A hearing test could be worth considering determining whether they have hearing loss or simply like things to be very loud.

Booking a Hearing Test for Your Child

If your child has displayed any of the above signs of hearing loss, it could be worth seeking out an audiologist to carry out a hearing test. This will help to determine whether your child truly has hearing loss or not. A hearing aid may then be able to be prescribed, which could help your child’s hearing return to normal.

At the Quality Hearing and Audiology Center, we are able to carry out hearing tests for kids. We can also offer a range of styles of hearing aid. You can check out our site for more information on our services. Alternatively, you can call us at 816-233-0022 to book a hearing test or to enquire about any concerns.