ReSound ENZO2™ is the next step in smart super power hearing and a complete solution for hearing the sounds that matter most to you. With top-rated sound quality, durable design, new personalization options and direct connection to iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® devices – it’s a hearing experience like no other. ReSound ENZO2 is not only the smartest super power hearing aid available, it’s the smallest. And it’s protected against moisture, wax and dust by iSolate™ nanotech, a water-repellent coating. With ReSound ENZO2 you won’t miss an opportunity to connect, interact and engage with your world.

ReSound LiNX2 is the latest in smart hearing technology. Discover the benefits of smart hearing that adapts to you and your lifestyle with ReSound LiNX2. Inspired by nature; Surround Sound by ReSoundTM—Resound’s unique system for processing sound—uses advanced technologies that emulate the human ear. It takes full advantage of your brain’s natural ability to recognize sounds and pinpoint where they are coming from. You’ll enjoy top-rated sound quality and listening comfort from sunrise to sunset and have a clear sense of the space and sounds around you with Spatial Sense™. When you get to work or meet up with friends, engage in conversations knowing you’ll follow every word effortlessly, even when noise levels get high – with the help of Binaural Directionality™ II. Take a phone call as you pull on your jacket and walk across the windy parking lot. As you drive home, stream your latest playlist, audiobook or podcast from you iPhone® without wires or something dangling from your neck. At the end of the day, you’ll still have energy to spare for your loved ones. Because all that hearing, which used to wear you out, now seems so natural and effortless.

Hearing aids work well alone, but sometimes there are specific situations that still need to be optimize. Resound offers direct-connect assistive listening devices for the telephone, television, and noisy environments. These accessories allow the patient to personalize the hearing devices even more to expand quality of life. Your audiologist will discuss each device with you when appropriate.