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Quality Hearing & Audiology Center is a privately-owned audiological practice that has been serving Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas for ten years. We aim to educate the community about hearing loss prevention, detecting initial stages of hearing loss, and treating hearing loss or tinnitus with evidenced-based practices. We do this because we are passionate about building relationships. Building relationships is done through communication and without being able to hear communication from others, the bridge to building relationships is broken. We are here to help bridge that gap.

10 Reasons Why You Should Wear 2 Hearing Instruments

Binaural Hearing: Receiving Sound in Both Ears

  • 1Better understanding in noisy places.
    By wearing two hearing instruments, selective listening is more easily achieved. This means your brain can focus on the conversation you want to hear and ignore the unwanted background noise more easily.
  • 2Binaural hearing allows you to better identify the direction of sound.
    This is called localization. This helps you determine from what direction someone is speaking. It also helps you tell what direction traffic is coming from or where your children are playing. Simply put, it helps you better detect which direction a sound is coming from.
  • 3Binaural hearing creates better sound quality.
    When you listen to a stereo, you use both speakers to get the smoothest, sharpest, most natural sound quality. The same can be said of hearing instruments. With two, you increase your hearing range from 180 degrees reception, with just one instrument, to 360 degrees. This greater range provides a better sense of balance and sound quality.
  • 4Binaural hearing creates smoother tone quality.
    Wearing two instruments generally requires less volume than one. This results in less distortion and better reproduction of amplified sounds.
  • 5Binaural hearing creates a wider hearing range.
    It’s true. A person can hear sounds from a further distance with two ears, rather than just one. A voice that’s barely heard at 10 feet with one ear can be heard up to 40 with two ears.
  • 6Binaural hearing allows better sound identification.
    Often, with just one hearing aid, many noises and words sound alike. But with two instruments, as with two ears, sounds are more easily distinguishable.
  • 7Binaural hearing keeps both of your ears active.
    Research has shown that when only one hearing instrument is worn, the unaided ear tends to lose its ability to hear and understand, whereas those wearing two hearing instruments will keep both ears active.
  • 8Binaural hearing is less tiring, therefore it makes listening a more pleasant experience.
    Many binaural hearing aid wearers report that listening and participating in conversation is more enjoyable with two instruments, instead of just one. Thus, binaural hearing can help make life more relaxing.
  • 9Binaural hearing creates a feeling of balance.
    Two-eared hearing results in a feeling of balanced sound, known as the “stereo effect”, whereas monaural hearing creates an unusual feeling of sounds being heard in one ear.
  • 10Binaural hearing instruments are more comfortable when loud noises occur.

A lower volume control is required with each of two hearing instruments than with just one hearing instrument, resulting in better tolerance of loud sounds.


  • “I could hear my daughter for the first time on the telephone after Dr. Nelson reprogrammed my hearing aids.”

    Eddie Bashor, current patient

  • “I have tried several different types of hearing aids. All hearing aids hurt my ears. Until I met Dr. Nelson. They are the most wonderful things I have ever had. I have gotten back to my social life.”

    Dr. Leighton Linn, retired veterinarian

  • Thank you for taking time to explain about my hearing. You made it so clear, even an old gal like me could understand. I just want you to know how much I appreciate being able to hear again. I have a niece who is ill. I call her each night and could hear her like she was right here in the room with me. It blessed her and blessed me. Thank you!
    -N. Dittmar, current patient

  • My positive moment occurred when I walked in the door and was met by a charming, friendly woman who turned out to be Dr. Nelson and her receptionist. Talking to them and hearing Dr. Nelson say she thought she had just the type of aid that I was interested in. From then on, its been all what I felt it could be. No wires, no having anything on my glasses, added weight, etc. I am happy.

  • “It [purchasing hearing aids] is a game changer and I am back in the game of life.”
    Bob Hines, current patient

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