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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

At Quality Hearing & Audiology Center, we want to make sure you have everything you need for excellent hearing health. That’s why we offer a full range of hearing services.

Cerumen Removal

Earwax is important for our ear health, but there are times when we experience impacted wax. We’re able to help remove this for you, ensuring you relief from the dizziness or conductive hearing loss you may be experiencing.

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Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluations

Hearing tests are an essential way of knowing the nature and extent of any hearing loss you may have. We offer only the best tests at our office, including pure tone, speech recognition, speech in noise, and tympanometry tests. We follow this up by guiding you through a visual representation of your test results, called an audiogram.

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

Following our tests, if hearing aids are needed, we will proceed with helping you decide on a device that fits your needs. This will be based on your:

  • Level of hearing loss
  • Lifestyle needs
  • Budget
  • Nature of hearing loss
  • Level of discretion required

We will work with you to find the one you are comfortable with.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

Fitting your hearing aid is based on the nature of your hearing loss. We’ll make changes based on your initial fittings and fine-tune them according to your needs.

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Live Speech Mapping

We’re proud to be one of the few hearing clinics to offer live speech mapping. This method of fitting your hearing aids involves placing a tiny microphone inside your ear to monitor the effectiveness of the prescription provided and making adjustments accordingly. This method is considered the ‘gold standard’ of hearing fittings and has proven to improve hearing aid satisfaction rates dramatically.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

The technology within hearing aids has evolved exponentially over the years, but like all electronic devices, they will need regular maintenance and occasional repair. Whatever is wrong with your device, we understand how frustrating it is to have one out of action and are on hand to make speedy repairs.

The price of repair will change depending on whether your device has a warranty, as well as the extent of the repair needed. For our patients, we offer a loaner device if the hearing aid needs to be repaired by the manufacturer.

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Tinnitus Evaluation and Management

About 27% of Americans over 65 have a form of tinnitus. This irritating ringing can seriously affect your ability to concentrate. Luckily, help is at hand. We provide tinnitus evaluations and various effective methods of treating the condition.

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Industrial Hearing Screenings

OSHA regulations state that workplaces must have a hearing conservation program in place if noise exposure in your workplace rises above 85 decibels averaged over eight working hours, or an eight-hour time-weighted average. Part of this program involves regular hearing tests for your employees. For help complying with the demands of this program, we offer industrial hearing screenings.

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