• “I could hear my daughter for the first time on the telephone after Dr. Nelson reprogrammed my hearing aids.”

    Eddie Bashor, current patient

  • “I have tried several different types of hearing aids. All hearing aids hurt my ears. Until I met Dr. Nelson. They are the most wonderful things I have ever had. I have gotten back to my social life.”

    Dr. Leighton Linn, retired veterinarian

  • “Thank you for taking time to explain about my hearing. You made it so clear, even an old gal like me could understand. I just want you to know how much I appreciate being able to hear again. I have a niece who is ill. I call her each night and could hear her like she was right here in the room with me. It blessed her and blessed me. Thank you!”

    N. Dittmar, current patient

  • “My positive moment occurred when I walked in the door and was met by a charming, friendly woman who turned out to be Dr. Nelson and her receptionist. Talking to them and hearing Dr. Nelson say she thought she had just the type of aid that I was interested in. From then on, its been all what I felt it could be. No wires, no having anything on my glasses, added weight, etc. I am happy.”

    Current Patient

  • “It [purchasing hearing aids] is a game changer and I am back in the game of life.”

    Bob Hines, current patient